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A Leader in Hydraulic Fluids | Moresco

Hydraulic Fluids

For precise, accurate, and stable hydraulic operations.

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids are pressure transfer mediums used to transfer the energy stored by way of a hydraulic pump to the hydraulic actuators of cylinders, motors, and other similar devices. To provide precise, accurate, and stable operation of hydraulic equipment, these fluids must have lubricating properties, rust-prevention and corrosion-prevention properties, special temperature and viscosity properties, stability properties, foam suppression properties, and other similar properties. Among these products, HYDOL, our fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, is used in hydraulic equipment such as die-cast machines used in the manufacturing of aluminum automotive parts, steel works, and presses. HYDOL also protects plant equipment from fires.

HYDRAULIC FLUID (Fire-Resistant Water-Glycol Type)
FR-WG 200-D (Manufactured by American Chemical Technologies)

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