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Die Lubricants

Die casting is a casting method in which molten metals under high pressure are poured into molds and hardened. Die casting mold releasing lubricant GRAPHACE is indispensable in releasing heated metals from molds…

Plunger Lubricants

During the die casting process, plunger lubricant is necessary to lubricate the sleeves and tips that force the molten metal into the molds. Our plunger lubricant brand NEOCASTER is used in the casting of aluminum parts for…

Vacuum Pump Oils

NEOVAC is well-known and synonymous for high-quality vacuum pump oil. We have received endorsements of NEOVAC as the oil used by many vacuum pump manufacturers due to the high level of trust placed in…

High Temp Lubricants

MORESCO HILUBE is the name brand of our high temperature lubricating oil. HILUBE is used in harsh environments as the base oil of greases used with bearings subject to the high temperatures of automotive…


Sulfonates are used as additive agents for metal working oil and engine oil. In this usage, sulfonates provide special functions such as surfactant functions and rust prevention.

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids are pressure transfer mediums used to transfer the energy stored by way of a hydraulic pump to the hydraulic actuators of cylinders, motors, and other similar devices. To provide precise, accurate, and stable operation of…

Forging Lubricants

Forging is a processing method of creating an objective shape by compressing metallic substance in between molds. LUBCASTER is an essential lubricant for producing auto engine components and safety parts.

Other Products

Other products include Liquid Paraffin, Hotmelt Adhesives, and Organic Device Sealant.

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