Professional recommendations and analysis.

We offer:

Product Recommendations
Expert assistance from our sales team to help you determine which product is the best fit for your needs

Spray Analysis
Includes release performance, heat resistance, and adhesion testing

Tip Lubrication Analysis
Includes gas generation, release performance, heat resistance, and flow capability

Casting Analysis
Includes properties of potential contamination and root causes

Bacteria Analysis
Review of bacteria levels in die lubricants

Ratio Analysis
Evaluation of die/tip lubricant and specially made dilution charts for recommended usage

Water Glycol Analysis
Includes performance criteria

Casting Consultation
Review solder, porosity, release, spray performance, cycle time improvement, waste water reduction or elimination

Costing Analysis
Includes short and long-term cost comparison of our lubricant vs. a conventional type

For more technical information, please contact us so our team of experts can answer your questions.

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