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Business Philosophy

  1. Deliver unparalleled quality and value to our customers.
  2. Achieve best-in-class technology and products with a competitive cost position.
  3. Prioritize new markets for growth and diversification by collaborating with customersĀ as partners.
  4. Be the best place to work and the best corporate partner for the local communities.

MORESCO aims to be a truly global corporation and has expanded and established subsidiary companies throughout China, SE Asia, and in North America.

History of MORESCO

October 1958: Our headquarters in Japan, originally called MATSUMURA OIL RESEARCH CORP. was founded in Nishinomiya, Japan.
1958: R&D Developed a high quality vacuum pump oil.
1963- R&D Developed a water glycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.
1972- R&D Developed a die-casting lubricant and heat-resistant vacuum pump oil.
1973- R&D Developed a synthetic vacuum pump oil
1975- R&D Developed a wear-resistant and fire-resistant water glycol hydraulic fluid.
1978- R&D Developed a purified liquid paraffin.
1979- R&D Developed a high-temperature lubricating oil.
1983- R&D developed the synthetic sulfonate
1986- Akoh Plant constructed as a mass production facility mainly for hot melt adhesives.
1996- R&D Developed a liquid paraffin for cosmetics.
1997- R&D Developed a hard disk surface lubricant.
2001- Head office relocated from Nishinomiya to Kobe. Lubricating oil production facilities expanded at the Akoh plant.
2006- MORESCO USA INC was established on May 25, 2006 in Ann Arbor, MI
2013- MORESCO USA INC head office moved to Fountain Inn, SC in June 2013
2014- MORESCO USA INC established a representative office in Aguascalientes, MEXICO
2016 -MORESCO USA INC head office moved to Greenville, SC in July 2016

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Meet Our Sales Team

Robin Bogan
Sales and R&D Manager

Yuki Hamada

R&D Coordinator/Sales Support

Paula Pacholke-Dumont
Regional Sales Representative (North)


Jeremy Jackson Midwest South Sales

Jeremy Jackson

Regional Sales Representative (Midwest)

Mac McGuire - Moresco USA

Mac McGuire
Regional Sales Representative (South)



Tadayuki Konta
Mexico Office Manager


Orlando Orozco Mexico Sales

Orlando Orozco
Regional Sales Representative (Mexico)